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New Cambie Street Corridor Project

Posted by admin on June 16, 2015
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The City of Vancouver is moving forward with a plan to increase density along the Cambie Street corridor, a strategy that staff describe as the most complex piece of area planning outside the city’s central region.

The area plan encompasses Cambie Street from 16th Avenue to the Fraser River, and includes neighbourhoods such as Riley Park, South Cambie, Oakridge and Marpole. The area includes four existing Skytrain stations and two potential future stations, at 33rd Avenue and 57th Avenue. This will also include sites adjacent to the Canada line Stations.

Mayor Gregor Robertson called the plan an “excellent next step” to developing the Cambie Street corridor, but expressed concern about the amount of affordable and rental housing.

Key elements of the plan include these:

  • By 2041, the 3.7-mile stretch of Cambie from 16th Avenue to the Fraser Riverwill be home to about 35,000 residents — roughly 13,500 more than live there now.
  • Many of the residential buildings will be 6 to 12 stories, achieving a net density (not counting streets and parks) of 110 to 170 units per acre.
  • Other buildings, slightly farther from the subway, will be a mix of 4 to 6 stories — high enough to generate a net density of 80 to 130 units an acre.
  • Still farther away, but within a 5- to 10-minute walk of the transit stations, the intensity of development will step down to avoid overwhelming the existing neighborhoods. Toderian envisions these peripheral areas as achieving a “gentle density” associated with rowhouses, duplexes, and possibly low-rise apartments.
  • Rather than letting building heights spike at the stations and then fall off sharply, the objective is relatively consistent heights (and substantial density) along the bulk of Cambie, part of which is a historic boulevard.

Site locations – The Interim Rezoning Policy applies only to sites immediately adjacent to the Canada line in the Cambie Corridor.

Minimum site size – under this Interim Rezoning Policy 1100 square meters in gross land areais required.

Avoid Precluding Future Opportunities -The application must not result in “leaving behind” isolated strategically located small lots that cannot reasonably meet the minimum site requirements.

Please visit – or see the PDF

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Call Thomas now 604-725-5100 to assemble with your neighbours to get the best results!

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